Homeowners & Developers


You've decided to build your dream project.  You've purchased the land, gotten all the local government approvals, hired an architect and a contractor, and your plans are on the table.


Now What?


Many people come to Miami on a shopping trip. They hope to pick out their windows, doors, hardware, roofing, flooring, plumbing & electrical fixtures, etc.


They encounter indifferent or untrained sales people who usually don’t know how their product fares in the heat, salt, and moisture of the Caribbean.  They have to arrange payment to and delivery from perhaps a dozen different suppliers.  


But it’s not over yet! They also discover that managing the consolidation of materials from a lot of different suppliers to a shipper requires patience, organization, and a lot of paperwork (invoices, bills of lading, dock receipts, etc.) They also learn that they must do this in a timely manner, or storage charges begin to accrue.


You can try to navigate this all yourself...or you can call to Triangle Exports.  


With the aid of samples and catalogs, we can accomplish in 6 hours what it would take 6 days to do without us.  We are distributors for dozens of manufacturers, and have the know how to guide you through the selection of each product group. 


Our prices are usually lower than anywhere you visit. You then have one check to write, and one person to deal with who is responsible for consolidating the materials and loading the container. 


Many of our customers use our Proformas and Certified Estimates as documents to draw mortgage money.


Our goal is to have you open the container and essentially build your house from there - the right materials, no back orders, from a full container. (we do the best to maximize your freight dollar - it could cost you triple if this is not handled correctly).


Drop by with a set of plans as we can read them too- we are centrally located a short drive from both the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Airport. 


An appointment is recommended, but not necessary.

Then we go to work.