Architects & Engineers


Our service is unique and invaluable to Architects, Engineers, & Quantity Surveyors

throughout the Caribbean.  

Keeping current on new and obsolete products, codes, standards, approvals, etc. is a full-time job, and a construction professional on a remote island faces this problem ten fold.



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We offer, at no charge, an in-house service that provides specifications, data sheets, (UL, ASTM, etc.) performance evaluations, for any product you require. Conversely, we will locate the product that will meet your specifications.


Send us your architectural plans, and we will provide a Bill of Material for the doors, windows, hardware, plumbing, electrical, roofing, interior / exterior wall

treatments, flooring, etc.


We can assist you with Industry Standards - sometimes a quarter of an inch can mean the difference between buying custom made and off-the-shelf products.


As a matter of course, we will offer marine grade and coastal package options where available - fire labeling guides as well.


Door & Window Hardware specifications can be difficult - particularly in commercial or industrial applications. We can help you through this often tricky and mistake-prone process.  


We are always available should you choose to send a client to us to assist in their product selection process.


And finally - ask us for any specifications papers, product brochures or catalogs, or product samples, and we will Fed-Ex them to you, because personal service is our cornerstone.