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Providing Building Materials & Construction Supplies to The Caribbean Since 1996. Triangle Exports Is Your Procurement & Logistics Partner For On-Time Delivery & Within Budget. 

We Save Our Clients An Average Of 10% to 20% On Their Entire Project.

We Handle The Buying & Logistics, Allowing You To Focus On The Bigger Picture.

We Are Your Eyes On The Ground. Our Customers Say We Provide Superior Quality, Pricing, Integrity, and Service. Representing Satisfied Caribbean Customers Since 1996. 

Over 40 Years Of Combined Expertise Managing the Procurement, Logistics, Scheduling, and Shipping of Building Materials & Construction Supplies For Residential and Commercial Construction Projects in The Caribbean.

 ✓ We represent dozens of premier brands & manufacturers.

 ✓ Showroom with samples and catalogs. 

 ✓ Offices are centrally located in Miami - just a short drive from the Miami International Airport and the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. 

 ✓ We can assist you with Industry Standards - sometimes a quarter of an inch can mean the difference between buying custom-made and off-the-shelf products.

Shipping complete line-item orders, and effective-on-budget container space utilization, maximizing your freight costs with significant savings.

 ✓ Use our Proformas and Certified Estimates as documents to draw mortgage money.

 Reduce ordering time from days to hours.

 Automated ordering system keeps current on new and obsolete products, codes, standards, approvals, etc.

  We offer marine-grade and coastal package options where available – as well as fire labeling guides.

 ✓ Send us your window & door schedules, bill of materials including lumber, plumbing & electrical and we will return a prompt quotation including export packing & delivery to your shipping line / freight forwarder.

 We offer, at no charge, an in-house service that provides specifications, datasheets (UL, ASTM, etc.) performance evaluations for any product you require. Conversely, we will locate the product that will meet your specifications.

  Call +1 305 405-5600 for a FREE quote. 

   We'll save you money.


We Believe Each Client Is A Long Term Partnership

Our Clients
Oil Nut Bay

Triangle Export has become the major source for all our building material needs for the Caribbean

Ray Orsine, Project Manage

Oil Nut Bay

Virgin Gorda BVI


We find their service to be first class and use them on many of our building projects throughout the Caribbean.

Neil V. Purton

Director for BCQS International, Cayman Islands


Their team of tested professionals are very responsive and meticulous. I have personally found that this is a team that truly supplies and delivers!”

Steve Augustine, SA Architect, Tortola BVI


I have worked with Jeff and his team for over 10 years. I have always found them efficient, competitive and knowledgeable about the products they offer. I am pleased to recommend Jeff.

Steve Thompson

Turks & Caicos Islands


It is a pleasure doing business with you, you stand behind your delivery and that makes it important.

Dennis Lai, Project Engineer

CURCON Holdings

Curacao NA


“I’ve worked with Jeff Gassner since 2007, on three different Caribbean Islands. Their prices are competitive, and their service is second to none. Whether your building a single family home or a large commercial project, Jeff and Island Green can get you what you need”

Brian Simpson, Project Manager

Anguilla, St Kitts, & Grand Cayman


We have always found Jeff and his team to be efficient and swift in providing us with competitive quotes.

The team is also very helpful in coordinating and consolidating our shipping needs.

Stephen Hislop

Cayman Islands


“Jeff Gassner has offered a prompt, efficient, courteous and most importantly reasonable service to me over the years. Jeff is a man of integrity and has my full endorsement.”

Robert Hurlstone

Cayman Islands


I have been working with Jeff Gassner for over 20 years. In the Cayman Islands it is difficult and expensive to purchase items locally so we have used Jeff, and he has always provided excellent service and pricing. They have a great selection of products and will also find the “odd” item you may need. We have never had an issue and would recommend them for anything.

Wendel Wendel

Cayman Islands


About Triangle Exports

Since 1996, Triangle Exports Inc. has been dedicated exclusively to serving the buying needs of the construction industry throughout the Caribbean. Our commitment to personal service is unsurpassed in the industry as we strive to meet our goal to "Provide our customers with the right product at the right price at the right time, every time." 

"Centrally located in North Miami Beach / Aventura - a short drive from MIA and FLL International Airports and the Port of Miami, Port Everglades & West Palm Beach."


Our facilities include a showroom and product catalog library, a computerized database of suppliers throughout the world, and a customized computer software program which facilitates the processing of export shipments.


Year of Establishment


Residential & Commercial Projects Completed

Jeff Gassner |  J.D., MIM

Managing Director

Jeff Gassner Signature by JG Transparent.png


Sourcing Major Suppliers & Manufacturers


Number of Caribbean Islands We Service

About Us
Image by Marc Fanelli-Isla

Our Services

Residential and Commercial Procurement & Logistics

Is What We Do.

We Save Our Clients An Average Of 10% To 20% On Their Entire Project And Remove The Headache Of Sourcing, Buying, Scheduling, Consolidation & Shipping From The U.S. 

Image by Hugh Whyte

Triangle Exports Is An Industry Leading Procurement Supplier of Building and Construction Materials & Products For All Types of Residential & Commercial Projects in the Caribbean.


You've decided to build your dream home.

You've purchased the land, gotten all the local government approvals, hired an architect and a contractor, and your plans are on the table. 

Many people come to Miami on a shopping trip. They hope to pick out their windows, doors, hardware, roofing, flooring, plumbing & electrical fixtures, etc. They encounter indifferent or untrained sales people who usually don’t know how their product fares in the heat, salt, and moisture of the Caribbean. They have to arrange payment to and delivery from different suppliers. But it’s not over yet!


They also discover that managing the consolidation of materials from a lot of different suppliers to a shipper requires patience, organization, and a lot of paperwork (invoices, bills of lading, dock receipts, etc.) They also learn that they must do this in a timely manner, or storage charges begin to accrue, shipping needs to be rescheduled, freight charges might change and more exposure costing them money.

Residential Construction in the Caribbean
Image by Hugh Whyte


"Even your "A" team can't pull off miracles if construction delays occur because materials and supplies are not on-site."

Whether you are a contractor, builder, developer, architect / engineer or project manager, you want your project to come in on-time and on budget. 

You need to collaborate and involve others to successfully complete all aspects of your development.

Jeff Gassner and his professional team are highly trained experts in procurement and logistics. 

Triangle Exports uses the most up to date specification & data sheets, product coding and automated ordering systems on the market. We deliver on time, on budget.











Commercial & Residential Projects

Developers, Builders,  Architects & Engineers



Logistics & Scheduling

Special Projects

Renovations, Appliances, Hardware & Fasteners, Art, Alarm Systems, Paints, Coatings, Sealants, PVC, Rebar, Office Accessories.

Interior & Exterior

Doors, Windows, Roofing, Kitchen, Bath & Plumbing, Lighting, Hardware, Ceilings, Rail Systems (Indoors and Exterior), Tiling & Flooring,  Garages & Car Ports, HVAC

Landscaping, Outdoor Furniture, Pergola's, Decking, BBQ's

Construction Worker

Developers &  Builders

Having visited construction sites on nearly every island in the Caribbean and with nearly 20 years of actual construction management experience on our team, Triangle Exports understands your special needs as a builder on a Caribbean island.

We have always dedicated ourselves exclusively to serving the overseas builder.

We appreciate first-hand the fact that in addition to needing the right product at the right price, you need to rely on us to make timely deliveries.

We know that missing a sailing deadline by only an hour can result in a week without materials

on your jobsite.

And of course, we understand that sometimes the largest portion of your material cost can be freight if not handled correctly - we always make sure to consolidate to maximize your freight dollar, whether that means filling extra space in a container or holding material until your next full shipment.

In addition to short-notice deliveries, we stand ready to fill your emergency orders - whether it be a shortage of a few locks to finish a job, a box of screws, or a part for your equipment that needs to be repaired in the middle of a contract.

We are also a valuable resource for you to stay up to date with the newest products on the market including impact-resistant windows, synthetic doors, roofing products and more.

And, should you prefer, we are always available to work directly with your client, the homeowner or developer, in order to make the product selection process easier for everyone.


Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more detailed information, including contractor references and projects where we have supplied materials.

We look forward to hearing from you to learn how we can help you become one of our satisfied long-term customers.

Architects & Engineers

Our service is unique and invaluable to Architects, Engineers, & Quantity Surveyors throughout the Caribbean. ​Keeping current on new and obsolete products, codes, standards, approvals, etc. is a full-time job, and a construction professional on a remote island faces this problem ten fold.


We offer, at no charge, an in-house service that provides specifications, data sheets, (UL, ASTM, etc.) performance evaluations, for any product you require. Conversely, we will locate the product that will meet your specifications.


​Send us your architectural plans, and we will provide a Bill of Material for the doors, windows, hardware, plumbing, electrical, roofing, interior / exterior wall treatments, flooring, etc.


We can assist you with Industry Standards - sometimes a quarter of an inch can mean the difference between buying custom made and off-the-shelf products.


As a matter of course, we will offer marine grade and coastal package options where available - fire labeling guides as well.


Door & Window Hardware specifications can be difficult - particularly in commercial or industrial applications. We can help you through this often tricky and mistake-prone process.  


We are always available should you choose to send a client to us to assist in their product selection process.


And finally - ask us for any specifications papers, product brochures or catalogs, or product samples, and we will Fed-Ex them to you, because personal service is our cornerstone.

Cabinet Maker Sketch

Our Projects

Servicing over twenty-two islands since 1996. 

We take pride in our participation and continued relationships with many of the premiere developments through-out the Caribbean.


We Represent These Leading Manufacturers & Suppliers and More.